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New Bioshock 2 Details

Over the course of the day, rumors about the new Bioshock 2 details have been flying everywhere. The rumors said that co-op would be introduced and Big Daddies wouldn’t even make an appearance. Since then the magazine, Game Informer, and 2K have come out and said that they can not confirm or deny these rumors but we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet.

Now, a tipster on Kotaku has the magazine in hand and told them all about the first details on Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams.


The rumor saying that Big Daddies not making an appearance in the game couldn’t be more wrong. According to the magazine, you will be one. Infact, you’ll be a renegade Big Daddy in search of your own Little Sister. Being one of the first, you’ll take out rival Big Daddies with your massive hand-drill and plasmid powers.  Just like the original Bioshock, you’ll be able to choose to either harvest or take other Little Sisters as one of your own.

In certain areas there will be corpses strewn about the area in Rapture which your Little Sister can harvest ADAM from, telling you a Big Sister is near by. Big Sisters are lightning fast and will hunt your character throughout the game.

More details can be found in the April issue of Game Informer which should be out now.


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