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Prince of Persia Review

The latest Prince of Persia is the most unique entry in the series to date. This installment starts a whole new story and doesn’t star the usual Prince. Throughout the game you’ll be leading a Princess though darkened lands to heal them and trap an evil God once again.

While the new Prince is a good addition to the series, the new Princess Elika becomes the real star of the game as you’ll be more interested in her past than the Princes’ – which is barely explored. The dialog which the Prince presents isn’t the most charming, but does provide witty humor.

The adventure isn’t the most lengthy and somewhat flawed, it does provide a very good experience.


Art Style: It’s sometimes hard not to stare at the game’s beautiful graphics. The cel-shaded look perfectly compliments the art style.

Fluid Gameplay: Platforming is tricky to get right. Prince of Persia has definitely got it right. Getting around the world is made simple. Walls that you can run on have scratches on them- clearly indicating that you can run on that wall. The same goes for just about everything else. Areas are clearly marked so you know where to go.

Combat: The combat is significantly different than in other Prince of Persia games in the sense that it’s more cinematic and you’ll only be fighting one enemy at a time. Camera angles are always switching to the best angle. There’s plenty of combo’s to find and use with your sword attack, gauntlet, and Elika’s magic.

Easy: Many people say that the game’s lack of difficulty is its biggest downfall. I don’t think it drags the game down much. Elika saves you if you fall off a cliff or about to be killed by an enemy. This helps the game become more fluid and enjoyable.

Elika: No doubt she is the best character in the game. Her side of the story is the most interesting to learn more about and it’s hard not to have an emotional connection with her. What she has to say is often smart, interesting and worth listening to.

Open World: While still somewhat linear, you can choose which paths to take and decide which areas to cleanse first. You won’t find too much just wondering around other than light seeds or pretty views, but it’s worth checking out every bit of it just to see what’s there.


Collect More To Progress: In order to continue on you’ll have to collect light seeds in order to earn more powers through the four power plates. The amount you need to collect is often rather high so you’ll frequently be revisiting previous areas to find more light seeds.

Who Is The Prince?: You won’t learn much about the Prince, at all. In fact, you won’t even hear why he’s a Prince in the first place. He remains a complete mystery throughout the whole story.

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