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Onechanbara: Bikini Samuri Squad Review

How’s this for a game: girls in bikini’s chopping up hundreds of zombies with samurai swords. Sounds totally awesome, right? Well, unless you’re playing this game for your own reasons, Onechanbara is one of those really bad, yet kind of awesome games.

In a nutshell, zombies have invaded the city and it’s up to you to stop them, so, the whole point of the game is to kill hundreds of them. Along the 20 levels, you’ll encounter bosses, level up your characters, collect items, and complete quests. There really isn’t much to Onechanbara, just lots of derivative zombie killing with occasional boss fights. Besides story mode, there’s survival mode, free play, and practice. Other options are dress up and view mode, allowing you to change costumes and view profiles of characters.


Brutal: Chopping up hordes of zombies is always satisfying. Body parts will fall off, along with pools of blood that will stain the ground and your character.

Guilty Pleasure: I’ll admit I’ve played through the game more than twice and had fun. There is some Japanese charm to Onechanbara, as English voice acting doesn’t even exist. Personally, I put it with Earth Defense Force: 2017, there’s just something about it that makes me want to play through it again and again.


Bad Value: Even while priced at $40, there really isn’t enough content to justify paying that much. Beating the game can take anywhere from three to five hours depending on how long you spend killing zombies in each level.

Bad Graphics: It should come as no surprise that the only good looking thing in the game are the main characters. Everything else looks bland, blurry, and sloppy.

Bad Level Design: Throughout the 20 levels you’ll revisit certain places multiple times, often running through the same areas repeatedly. To access new areas, a lot of the time you’ll be fighting or searching for a key. It doesn’t help that the mini-map is useless and the full-sized map often doesn’t indicate where you need to go.

Technically Flawed: I often got stuck on nothing near the edge of a level or by a wall. The controls feel fairly stiff. Awkward animations seem to be everywhere. The Motorcycle level feels like it tacked on at the last moment and does not play very well.

Final Word: Onechanbara is an OK game, if you’re into this sort of thing. If you plan on playing this game, just know what you’re getting into.

Originally posted on Endsights, February 20, 2009


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