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Mahjong Tales Review (PSN)

The classic Chinese-themed matching game has come to the PlayStation Network from TikGames and Create Studios. Mahjong Tales puts a new spin on the classic Mahjong by adding flashy visuals and new modes.

Mahjong Tales may be one of the best versions of Mahjong to play simply because of the modes to choose from. Aside from story mode; which has you completing layouts so you can hear the rest of a story, and infinity mode; classic Mahjong with tons of layouts to choose from, Motion is the real star of the game. Motion gives you a simple layout to solve, but has tiles rotating around the board to match with. Aside from the regular tiles that you have to match, special tiles will come, such as a freezing tile, to stop the flow of the tiles for a moment. Multiplayer does exist and only has you and a partner competing to finish the same layout first, with tiles scrolling up and down the middle for extras.


New Gameplay Modes: The new Mahjong modes provide a new twist of fun to the original style of play. Aside from the classic mode, the game also has Motion; which has tiles rotating around the board, and Infinity mode; which has different layouts for you to choose from.

Longevity: The three gameplay modes are interesting to play over and over again. Depending on what layout you choose, games can last quite a long time.

Interesting Layouts: There are plenty of layouts to choose from and you’ll encounter a plethora during the story mode in which you’ll see many interesting, and almost challenging, shapes.


Annoying Music and Bad Effects: There is only one track that plays while you’re in a game, it gets in your head and starts to annoy you by the 4th or 5th game.

Whenever you match a tile, sparkles and or stars circle around that area, making is impossible to see the tiles under it for a few seconds.

Stories: When playing through story mode you’ll see a little cutscene after you’ve finished a puzzle. They are boring and often a little silly.

Mahjong Tales is available on the PlayStation Network right now for $9.99

Originally posted on Endsights, January 21, 2009

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