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Jack Thompson To Lead Shareholder Revolt To Oust T2’s Strauss Zelnick

Jack Thompson is always up to something. Now no longer able to practice law in the state of Florida, Jack says he will buy enough Take-Two stock to become the lead shareholder and then revolt against T2’s Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick.

In an e-mail Thompson claims he just bought some stock at their currently low price.

TTWO is today trading at about $7 per share. Zelnick blew it. Thompson today bought a bunch of Take-Two stock at the $7 figure.

The reason Thompson has done this is to lead the effort by Take-Two shareholders to dump Zelnick. It is long overdue, and there are already rumblings that Zelnick’s tenure at Take-Two has been a disaster, as anyone still holding stock that could have been sold at $26 and is now worth $7 and falling, can attest.

In the full letter Thompson calls Zelnick a “incompetent, reckless goofball”.

Via – GamePolitics

Originally posted on Endsights, December 26, 2008


March 5, 2009 - Posted by | News

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