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Halo Wars Review

There has been a number of real-time strategy games coming out for the Xbox 360 lately, Red Alert 3, Tom Clancy’s End War, and Universe at War to name a few. All of these games have tried to make controls work for an RTS on the console. While some of them have been somewhat successful, there still isn’t a perfect control scheme and we’re left fumbling with the complicated controls. Halo Wars comes close to making it as easy as possible, but it’s still a little tough under intense conditions.

Halo Wars takes place 20 years before the Halo incident. You’ll join the crew of the Spirit of Fire and take the fight to the Covenant. Through the campaign you’ll play as the UNSC, taking command of hero units, building a bigger base and making an army. Halo Wars comes stocked with a campaign mode, skirmish, tutorial, multiplayer, and extras such as a Halo timeline and a service record.

Unfortunately, you won’t have very many options when it comes to the different modes. The campaign is limited to only the UNSC. As far as multiplayer goes, you’ll only have two options – standard and death match. Halo Wars is a good game but it could have been so much more.


Simple Console RTS: The control scheme is easy to use and figure out. There isn’t much base building and very little micromanagement. When compared to other console RTS games, Halo Wars doesn’t feel like you’re playing with an alien controller, constantly trying to figure out and remember the controls.

Interesting Throughout: While it doesn’t have the most interesting story, it’s told well through gorgeous cutscenes. Some of the missions play out in neat ways and throw unexpected twists at you.


Ugly Visuals: When looked at up close the graphics aren’t very clear and are rather ugly. While the game does provide a nice mix of colors, that’s about the only thing that will catch your eye while playing.

Too Simple: It kind of seems that since they have such a simple control scheme, they needed to cut back on some of the things that make RTS games so complicated. No matter what side you’re playing as, you won’t have a big selection of units to pick from. There’s very little buildings to create, and most missions boil down to building units and then going to kill or destroy something.

Where’s The Rest?: It would make sense for the Covenant to have a playable campaign, but that’s not the case. The flood isn’t playable at all and there’s only two multiplayer modes. It just feels like there should be more to the game.

Final Word: What Halo Wars does have is good and fun but what it’s missing is a great fault. The game is recommended, but not at full price.

Originally posted on Endsights, March 2, 2009

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