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GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Review

The Lost and Damned is the first expansion episode to Rockstar’s hit game Grand Theft Auto IV. The Lost and Damned stars Johnny Klebitz, the vice-president of the Lost gang. This episode will take you through a wild and exciting journey that is sure to please fans of GTA IV.

When Rockstar said The Lost and Damned would be a “full game”, they weren’t kidding. It took me roughly 14 hours to beat the game, clocking in at 66% complete. The main storyline will take about 10 hours to complete, but it’s easy to get side-tracked by the number of new activities to take part in. A welcomed feature Rockstar added was the option to restart a failed mission right from your cell phone, and in some cases, missions have checkpoints so you won’t have to start from the beginning every time.

The Lost and Damned fits right in with GTA IV, as both stories intertwine. You’ll see a lot of familiar characters, hear familiar lines, and see a different side from the original story line from GTA IV. It’s easy to say that the Lost and Damned story doesn’t stand out as much as it did in GTA IV, but it’s still solid in just about everything it has to offer.


Great Value: Priced at 1600 Microsoft points ($20), I have no problem saying it’s worth every penny. Not only will the story take about 10 hours to complete, there are a number of activities to take part in, such as new games to play with your buddies, new multiplayer modes, 50 seagulls to shoot, races where you can hit opponents with a bat, and gang wars to win.

Fits Right In: The Story will mix in with the GTA IV story in some neat ways. Not only will you be interacting with familiar characters, but you’ll be doing some of the same missions, just from a different perspective.

Good Story: It may not pull as much weight as the story in GTA IV, but for being DLC it’s surprisingly satisfying.


Repetitive Dialog: While playing through missions, you’re bound to hear the same one-liners repeated countless times. I also wouldn’t be able to count the number of times I heard “brothers” or “deadbeats”.

Final Word: The Lost and Damned is something that should not be missed. It’s a great value that is sure to please just about anyone.

Originally posted on Endsights, February 20, 2009


March 5, 2009 - Posted by | Review

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