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EA To Make Next Bourne Games with Newly Aquired Game Rights

Sierra made the first Bourne video game in 2008 and looking around it had pretty favorable reviews. Now that EA has the game rights to the Bourne series, they can have their turn trying to make the next game.

It is reported that EA didn’t just get the rights to the Bourne Series, but rights to the entire works of Robert Ludlum. Starbreeze, a Swedish developer, is said to be developing the new Bourne games. Starbreeze have previously worked on the Chronicles of Riddick, which was no lack-luster of a game.

I haven’t played the first Bourne game yet as I’ve just recently seen the first movie. Maybe when more Bourne games come out will I be interested in finishing all the movies. With Starbreeze developing the games now, I’m really interested to see what they can do.

Via 1UP

Originally posted on Endsights, Febuary 2, 2009

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