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EA and Crytek Gives Crysis Wars Gift

EA and Crytek and giving gamers something pretty nice for the holidays. An online multiplayer verison of Crysis Wars will be available for the next 10 days. Available right now, you’ll be able to play Crysis Wars for free until December 28th. The download will include a Holiday Map Pack – which is releasing this week for existing Crysis Wars players.

Starting today, gamers can take advantage of this great offer by registering online at and by downloading Crysis Wars.  After registration, players will receive a unique key generated on the site that will be saved to their profile, allowing them to play on all online multiplayer servers from Friday, December 19th at 9:00 AM PT to December 28th at 11:59 PM PT.

The Holiday Map Pack includes two maps, the Savanna (PowerStruggle); which is a large savanna plain around Victoria falls said to be great for armored vehicles moving around. Savanna will support 24-32 players. The second map is Frost (TeamInstantAction); which is set in the region of Trondheim having the NK and US fight it out for energy sources. This map will support 8-16 players.

Originally posted on Endsights, December 18, 2008


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