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E3 Welcoming Back “Glamour, Sizzle and Excitement”

The Entertainment Software Association said it’s ready to welcome back the “glamour, sizzle and excitement”of previous E3 events, such as 2005-2006.

Since the ESA is welcoming back what defined E3 as really the expo to be at, they’ve said that it still wont be the over-the-top show it use to be in years past.

“But is it going to be the over-the-top excess that you’ve seen in years past? No – but that goes back to learning what is manageable and what is sustainable, and hearing from attendees what it is they want, and creating something that meets their needs. It goes back to taking what was the best of the 2006 event, and what was good about 2007 and 2008, and creating something that has constituent elements,” said Dan Hewitt, senior director of communications at ESA.

Dan also goes on to say, “The E3 Expo is iconic, and everybody who’s anybody in this industry attends the event. It’s the one time when everyone’s eyes in North America – and really, those who shape computer games around the world – are on the newest and hottest titles that are going to be on the store shelves come the Holiday season.”

It sounds like E3 will return to its normal self for the most part. Personally, I can’t wait to see what E3 has in store for us.


Originally posted on Endsights, February 17, 2009


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